Dublin Diary – The Inside Story

To be sure. I’m Nick O’Teen, a close friend of Gay Daz, the hairiest Pirate in the world. Holy Mary Mother of God, the boys have landed safely on the Emerald Isle, and I’m delighted to be giving you these updates that have been Potato-Wikileaked to me:

Night 1:

Andy sick on the dancefloor. Gay Daz wears novelty irish hat. Little Innes makes an appearance. Andy shows a policeman his c&ck. Innes applies cream to his ‘chaffing’. Andy rips it a new one on 1st night.

Quote of the Day: Master Innes: ‘I’ve hurt my back doing a sh1t’

Night 2:

Deek and Andy retire to hotel at 9.30. Met the Devil. Grant and Innes rip it a new one. Gay Daz goes missing. Gay Daz gets lost. Gay Daz goes AWOL. Gay Daz causes a ‘disturbance’ in the hotel lobby at 5am.

Stay tuned for more updates as I get them….to be sure……

~ by malkyboy on February 9, 2011.

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