KENNY STIRLING – THE AULD YIN Official Pirate Mascot


We were greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Kenny Stirling, also known as ‘The Auld Yin’. Kenny was the official mascot of the pirates and his catchphrases of ‘get tae ****’ and ‘bring us back a victory boays’ were often overheard at various times in Armstrongs Bar, Glasgow from 11.01am-2.47pm on Saturday home matchdays and 2pm-7.48pm on midweek matchdays. We first met King Kenny when we sat at the table closest to the bar; it turned out we were sitting in his seat and he told us to ‘get tae ****’. As a peace offering he was presented with an inflatable sheep, and he told us to ‘get tae ****’ again. After these early misunderstandings, our relationship with him greatly improved over the years and he was happy to let us sit at his table for future games, but no-one ever sat in his seat again. You can see a plaque beside his seat where he used to nurse his pint and watch the games. We hope no-one is sitting on your bit of the cloud Auld Yin.

~ by malkyboy on September 8, 2011.

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