Meet The Auld Yin – Our New Mascot


(The Auld Yin’s on the right)

Since Senator Overthemoon escaped the Pirates, we have been looking for a new mascot. Here he is. The Auld Yin!

First Name: The

Middle Name: Auld

Surname: Yin

Likes: Tennents Special, swearing, being in his own seat

Secretly likes: Inflatable sheep

Dislikes: His seat being nicked in Armstrongs

Ambition: To join the boys at Hampden for a game

Quotes include:

‘awa’ an sh*te’

‘it’s no ma f*cking sheep’

‘get tae….’

‘bring us back a victory boys’


The Auld Yin has got loads of tattoos like this all over his body.


The Auld Yin sits in the bottom right corner of this photo, he loves the flag getting flapped over his head in the pub. When this happens he cries out ‘Awa’ tae sh*te’ which is Parliamo Glesgae for ‘Bravo! Bravo!’


The Auld Yin, also known as Kenny Stirling, has sadly passed away. See the post on the main site for our tribute.

One Response to “Meet The Auld Yin – Our New Mascot”

  1. wot a bunch of nutters

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