Not so Spainful….

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Nae strikers in Prague! 0-1

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Go’an Yersel’ Michelle…

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97th minute at Hampden and big boned beauty Michelle McManus pops up at the back post to score. 2-1 for Scotland. Goodnight Liechtenstein.

Taking the Lith…..Kaunas in wee words!

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Mark Kermode. Irn Bru Tang Clan. Paulo Di Canio (lookalike).Little Innes. Spag 1st Night Party. African Transvestite. Guy from Tarantino Film. Fran Healey. Heartbreak Hotel. Deathtrap stadiums. Campbelton Loch. Nacho Novo. Big Jock Stein.Devil Dogs.Pizza Jazz.Strawberry Fizz.Pear Fizz.Cherry Fizz.Carpet Burns.Paramedic Advice. George from Forres.Selling Balloons.The Devil.Ally. Jeagermeister. 7 to a room. Flapjack table. Arbroath. No photos in casino.Hot tub time machine. Mo Mo Super Mo. Gun Shops.Nazi bars.Stealing Denim.Puking.Fitba in the Street. Grant on a tank. Hash.Graffiti. GPTA. Dangerous Cludgies. Sleeping in airports. Werder Bremen. Nazi Bar. Puke. Hot Tub Time Machine.Blue Tac for Jam.Innes Crossing A Road.Being Deaf. We have no cider. We have cider. You Know She Said No. Daren Beasting with his Pal. Big Davie Weir and a 5-3 win. Peeing in Woods. Lost in Woods. Phone number on boarding pass. Pineapple Tartan Army. Scars.Hangovers.

Blu-Tac For Jam?

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As part of our bid to help the world come out of its financial difficulties, we would like to propose our new way of paying for Jam by using Blu-tac. At the moment this versatile adhesive based currency is only accepted in Bremen market stalls.

 Following our most recent trip to Germany the BTFJ index is now up three points.

 GPTA would like to make clear that we have no links at all to the Sellotape For Marmalade group.

Some Blu-Tac

Some Jam

Every So Often Something Happens At A Scotland Game That No-one Can Explain……

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Marriage and Sausages – Pirate Relationship Update

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Congratulations to Senator Jamie Winehouse who got hitched to Margaret this summer in a glittering ceremony at the Three Kings. Many pirates attended the Stag Do in Sunderland and the wedding in Falkirk. On the day most of us were well behaved, apart from Senator Ferguson who kept dipping under the table every 10 minutes to have a mighty sook out of his hipflask.

In other relationship news, congratulations are also due to Senator Bungle, he was recently snapped out on the town enjoying a ‘sausage tea’ with what my sources have described as a ‘close friend’. This sparked rumours around Edinburgh that Bungle was now off the market and engaged to be married to his fellow reveller. A minutes silence was held in CC Blooms.