Rules and Regulations of the Pirates


1. The club meets at Armstrongs in Battlefield Road, Glasgow at 11am on home matchdays, aaarr!

2. The Edinburgh branch meets at Coopers Bar, Waverley Station at 9am on home matchdays, aarr!

3. Club members will respect the flag at all times. Note to Senator Chewbacca Gaybee, no opening of tomato sachets within half a mile of the flag

4. Soberness is generally frowned upon and will not be tolerated, aarr!

5. Note to Senator Fraser Junior, remember the teams change ends at half time, cheering when the opposition score in the second half will not be tolerated, aarr!

6. The following are banned and should not be used on matchdays by club members: live animals that cannot fit into a pocket or sporran (including dancing bears and sheep), Chick Young impressions, Aiden McGeady, sexually transmitted diseases, fruit and explicit pirate talk, aarr!

7. You canny shove your granny off the bus, aarr!

8. We are bound for Buenos Aires, we don’t care what the fare-is, only wish we had Danny McGrain.


The following office bearers were re-elected:

Club website / flag organiser: Sen Malkyboy

Ticket convenor: Sen Deek

Photographer: Sen Fraser Jnr (with Sen Spag assistant)

Accommodation arranger for Euro 2008: Sen Innes (post now deleted)

Flight buyer 2008: Sen Gaybee (post now deleted)

Club Gaybee: Sen Gaybee

A motion was passed to evict Senator Cronin from the club (persistant fouling), a motion was also passed to email David Taylor with the Celebrity Throw-ins campaign, there were no more updates to the Africa in a Campervan scheme. 

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